Functional Fitness and Physical Therapy, LLC offers the continuum of Physical Therapy and wellness services from prevention through  rehabilitation on to individualized fitness and maintenance programs all within one facility. 

Utilizing a whole-person approach, we look at each client’s impairments and together with that client we will devise and implement treatment programs that are based on proven research and that will provide the greatest long-term effect on their overall level of function.  We utilize a combination of highly skilled physical therapy along with one-on-one supervised exercise prescription that is tailored to each individual. 


Our goals are your goals.  We will give each client evidence based treatment, education and tools to attain any goal whether it be alleviating chronic pain, weight reduction, becoming physically fit or training for a specific athletic event.  No two treatment plans will be the same and each visit will incorporate new information, new exercises or a different manual skill.  We will simply continue to diversify your treatment plan until your goals have been achieved.


Sarah C. Anestam | Owner, MSPT
Sarah is co-owner of Functional Fitness and Physical Therapy and a licensed Physical
Therapist with over 15 years of professional experience. She has earned both a MS degree in Physical Therapy as well as a BS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts,
Lowell, and is very active in continuing her professional education.

She has worked with clients of all ages and functional levels and now primarily treats clients
with orthopedic, women's health and sports-related issues. Sarah utilizes many different techniques and philosophies in treating her clients, and firmly believes that an eclectic and holistic approach has been most successful for her. She has advanced training in Spinal dysfunction and rehabilitation, Women's health, Functional Movement Screening, Ankle/FootRehab, Shoulder rehab and Ergonomics.


Sarah is passionate about enabling people of all ages to live each stage of their lives to the
fullest and believes that responsible living, body awareness, exercise and balanced nutrition are integral to achieving this sense of well-being. She enjoys taking long hikes with her family and dog, running, swimming, Yoga and functional training.


Christine M. Braga | Owner, MSPT
Christine is co-owner of Functional Fitness and Physical Therapy.  She received her BS in Exercise Physiology and her MS in Physical Therapy both at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and has over 15 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings.  Christine attends numerous professional education classes in order to continue to gain the newest innovative forms of treatment and exercise in the out-patient setting.


Christine has built a solid foundation of experience in numerous settings such as skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation hospitals and out-patient orthopedics.  In the past 12 years, Christine’s primary focus has been in out-patient orthopedic clinics specializing in manual therapy, ergonomics/body mechanics training, myofascial release, customized one-on-one exercise prescription and functional movement screens.


Christine believes that an individualized, hands-on approach for her patients leads to successful outcomes.  She is committed to finding the proper treatment plan for each individual patient and seeks to empower her patients with the proper tools to attain their goals.  Christine enjoys spending time with her family, running, cycling, hiking and core strengthening.