What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a health profession that uses evidence-based principles to evaluate, diagnose, and treat individuals who have medical problems or other disorders that limit their abilities to move or perform everyday activities.  It also uses these same principles to prevent or delay the onset of functional limitations, thus promoting optimal health and wellness.


What do Physical Therapists do?

PTs examine each client individually and develop a treatment plan that will help to prevent the loss of function and mobility before it occurs, reduce pain and restore function after an injury, and maximize overall level of function at all times.  Treatment techniques that are often used include:  exercise, stretching, joint mobilization, massage and client education.  The ultimate goal of Physical Therapists is to promote maximal function and independence for each client. 


Why do clients seek Physical Therapy?

Clients seek physical therapy for various reasons, typically after an injury or illness, but also before any type of injury or illness occurs.  Some of the most common reasons for clients to utilize Physical Therapy are:


·  Accidents or trauma

·  Back pain

·  Balance disorders

·  Chronic pain

·  Headaches

·  Neck pain

·  Osteoporosis

·  Pelvic floor dysfunction

·  Pre– or post-operative care

·  Pregnancy and post-partum related pain

·  Sports injuries

·  Tendonitis