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Personal training

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Personal Training and Fitness

Clients seek our services to begin a safe and effective exercise plan or to improve upon an existing exercise plan. Each Physical Therapist at FFPT has a strong background in Exercise Physiology, including fitness assessment and exercise prescription and will tailor a thorough fitness program for each client to best suit that client’s goals.

All personal training programs begin with an in depth fitness assessment performed by a Physical Therapist. 

 Key aspects that are evaluated include:

· Gait

· Posture

· Balance

· Strength

· Muscle length and flexibility

· Cardiovascular response to exercise

· Ability to perform functional movements

After the initial fitness assessment, a thorough program will be developed and implemented aimed at reaching each client’s individual goals. Programs may include home exercise programs that are monitored and progressed on a periodic basis, cardiovascular training, core strengthening, functional training, mat and machine based strengthening, stretching, postural education and basic dietary and nutritional education.

Clients typically seek personal training programs to:

· Maintain functional outcomes achieved from a prior rehabilitation program

· Improve overall health and fitness level

· Prevent or minimize pain

· Improve sport performance

· Lose weight